Androne is a Radio Shack cartridge game that involves you travelling a 3D maze battling monsters. Unlike most such games of the time, when a monster showed up, it could float up/down/left/right on the screen, so you had to aim your weapons sights in order to kill it. Also, there are squares on the floor of the maze (ala Pac-Man) that disappear after you walk over them. There are also elevators between levels, and ways to recharge your shields. Your basic mission is to seek out the generator, and then exit to the next level.

Androne is a maze based first person shoot 'em up. It takes place in a computer that has been overrun by data bugs. The player controls a robot that enters the system in an attempt to kill off all the bugs. Each level is a maze with a number of bugs that all have to be killed. The game is played with joystick that allow the player to wander through the corridors of the maze. When encountering enemies the player shoots by holding down the fire button and uses the stick to move the cursor around. Getting hit leads to the robot's energy being absorbed but it can recharged by locating and shooting power units. If the energy decreases to zero the game ends. Once a level has been completed an elevator exit will open and the player can move on to the next level.



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