Castle of Tharoggad

Castle of Tharoggad is a Coco 3 only game that was meant to be a sequel to the best selling Dungeons of Daggorath, althought you had to work your way up a castle, instead of down a dungeon. The game didn't do as well, and was chastised by many, due to the changes done from the original hit. The graphics, even though they used the Coco 3's superior 16 color mode, looked too cartoony, even compared to the originals black & white wireframes, and the sound wasn't as good. The biggest bone of contention was that it was completely mouse/joystick driven, while the original was keyboard. The game lost a lot because of this... the gameplay just wasn't the same. Nowadays, as everyone is used to using mice, it may have been received better.


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