Doubleback is an original game which is a lot of fun. The object is to enclose objects with the line you draw, to collect points and eliminate them from your screen (except skulls, which can never be eliminated, and there can be up to 10 of them on the screen at once). Some objects are stationary, some can move on one axis only, and others can move in 8 directions, of varying speeds. If the object can move, it will always move towards you.



The secret to getting high scores in the game is to circle as many objects as possible at one time; you will get the # of points per object times the # of objects encircled for EVERY object within the loop; If you have 10 objects worth 100 points each, you will get 10*100 for EVERY object, for example. If you wait long enough, you can get tens of thousands of points in a single shot this way.