Sea Search

Sea Search (originally called Sea Quest, until Activision threatened to sue over the name, because of their Atari 2600 game), is one of the animated graphical adventure series that Mark Data Products put out in 1983-1985. It was also ported the IBM PC in CGA mode, but didn't sell as well on that platform. The Mark Data animated graphical adventure series were similar in concept to the Datasoft Animated Adventure Series (starting with Sands of Egypt), but had the distinct advantage of being small enough to distribute on tape (which also widened it's audience). This was the 2nd original game in the series (the first being Shenanigans) by Stephen and Bob. In this game one must collect various treasures and get past obstacles, in the standard noun-verb adventure game format. Various things are graphically animated, such as waterfalls, sharks, etc. It should be noted that this downloadable version was modified by Robert Gault to allow save games to disk, instead of the original cassette only.