Beyond The Cimeeon Moon

This game is billed as a sequel to "Adventure Trilogy," and shares with that trilogy an extreme and unrelenting difficulty for all but the hardcore game enthusiasts.

You are trying to amass weapons and shields to secure your freedom from an alien space ship on which you have been imprisoned‘ The ship is booby-trapped at every turn, and nothing is easily identified: for instance, the first two objects you are likely to encounter are a shield belt (TAKE it and WEAR it) and a mauler rifle (TAKE it and HOLD it).

It must be an open secret that review copies come with a "cheat sheet" in the form of a map of the ship with all the useful objects labeled and located. Even that is not much help against the random patrols and one-way doors with which the vessel is infested. I have gone almost nowhere and seen almost nothing in several hours of play. Once killed you start all over. l started all over a lot. I really like the graphic convention invented for this series of games or adventures (a further example is the recently released "Fembots' Revenge"), but it has one short-coming: keyboard entry of commands shows up on the screen with a noticeable delay ‘ a delay long enough to occasionally get me killed.

There are two error messages: UNKNOWN COMMAND, which means lust that, and OOPIE!, which means you have entered a valid command in the wrong situation. Neither helps much in your quest for freedom, but then if the door was shown to you outright there wouldn't be much fun in escaping, would there? It should be mentioned, however, that the loading instructions are wrong. They tell you to type LOADM, which will get you nowhere. A look at the directory reveals that LOADM"WORLD should be typed (it works).

The above may suggest that the game is impossible to win. My 14-year-old came home from his grandmother's, spent two hours getting killed again and again to find all the things he would need (and identify certain crucial mistakes on the "cheat sheet"), and then started anew and escaped in one minute forty four seconds (the program keeps track). He will be allowed out of his room in December, 1989. 

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