Gin Champion

Beware... you could find yourself shouting wildly at the computer! That warning is on the first page of the instruction manual of Gin Champion, and for good reason, as those of you who accept the challenge will discover.

There are five versions of gin and 10 skill levels. The game begins at level one with standard gin. You are given the opportunity to change levels and to choose which version you want to play before starting the game. Other versions of the game are Oklahoma, Runs Around the Corner, Spades Double, and Laying Off on Gin. You can play one or any combination.

A previous knowledge of gin is not required to enjoy Gin Champion, for the manual is very thorough and the computer will not let rules be broken. For ex- ample, if you "knock" with too many points in your hand the computer immediately responds with an ILLEGAL KNOCK message You then can review your hand (without penalty) before going on with the game.

The lower levels will challenge the novice just as the upper levels challenge the more knowledgeable player. All levels are capable of winning, thereby causing you to "Shout Wildly!"; however, don't give up because the next hand may find you shouting "GOTCHA! ! " "Gin Champion" is a ROM cartridge and requires 16K but not Extended Basic. Try it, you'll like it.

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